9 Best Free SEO Tools by Google


Here I’m Talking About The Best Free SEO Tools which provided by Google Only For Blogger and Digital Marketers.

(1) Test My Site.
(2) PageSpeed Insights.
(3) Mobile-Friendly Test.
(4) Structured Data Testing Tool.
(5) Rich Results Test.
(6) Google Alerts.
(7) Disavow links.
(8) Google Trends.
(9) Google’s Blog Directory.

As you know Google is the Father of Today’s Digital World, We never can Imagine Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing etc without Google.

Google is the Only Leading company in the world of Internet. Whatever you are using goggle and it’s Products for What, You might know how much value has given by Google in our Digital Journey.

We All Bloggers! And without SEO tools No one can be a Professional Bloggers in 2020. SEO Tools Help us with a wide range of Data & Informations.

SEO Tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, MOZ Are highly paid services in Blogging industry. You have to Pay Highly Amount to Access those Tools.

Google help us in very ways. Nowadays A Bottle of Water also charges money for Drinking. However there is no any Free options that give you Services to run your career in the Internet.

But Thanks to Google, they provides many SEO Tools that is Completely Free and useful for every Bloggers and Digital Marketers. But very less people know about those tools. In The previous post I have share Step by Step guide to Image SEO.

Today in This Article I’m Going to share with you Top 9 Best Free SEO Tools By Google. and Will Explained all the features of each and every tool.

Test My Site
Test My Site is part of ThinkWithGoogle’s Project, Where you can check the loading Speed of your Blog/Website. This site is similar to GTmatrix.com But the Difference is This Tool allow you to choose the Location and Network Connectivity over 3G and 4G.

PageSpeed Insights

This is one of The Popular Site by Google. You can use this tool for getting information rating about your Website or Page loading Speed Optimisation. If your blog’s page not well optimize, then you can simply follow the instruction that given by the Tool and optimize your site.

Mobile-Friendly Test
With the help of Mobile-Friendly Test Tool you can check and verify your web pages that is Mobile friendly or not. Simply put the ulr and click on Run to See Result.

Structured Data Testing Tool
This is an advanced tool for professional bloggers, Help you to check your HTML and Json files for Schema markup with proper Google search page view snapshots.

Rich Results Test
Rich Results Test is another tool for Schema markup checker. After Publishing your website it will help you to know that is Google allow your web page to show Schema or not.

Google Alerts
Google Alert is best Tool for Beginner Bloggers. It will sent you an email when Google index any of the Pages your blog site. No need to worry about indexing issue again.

Disavow links
Disavow links Tool is a great tool for SEO experts. it help you to remove bad Backlinks from your Website, Which is really helpful for Ranking on Google top.

Google Trends
This tool is for Content Marketers, Not only that but also can use Bloggers, Content Writers, SEO experts and Content marketers to discover new and Trend Topics Live from Google Search result. This tool provide a Live Searchable trending topics with Geo location and Category wise.

Google’s Blog Directory
Last but Not the least this a Helpful web page for every person who work with different type of Google Products ex: Adwords, YouTube, Android, Chrome etc. This is a Directory of All Google’s Personalised Blogs. You can get update with every new update of Google from these Blogs.

I have been using these Google tools for a Long Time. I’m sure many of the Bloggers don’t know about these Free SEO tools before.

This tools helping me a loot, As an experienced Blogger I can’t Thanked to Google for making these Awesome tools Free to use.

Hope so You like all of the tools, Let me know your favourite one in the comment box Below. I’ll try top roll out more version of this Article like Best Free Keyword research tools and all. Just you have to push me up by sharing this post to your facebook and WhatsApp Group.

thank You!


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