Why Carryminati is Famous Youtuber ?

Why Carryminati is Famous Youtuber ?

Who is Carryminati ?

Carryminati Is a Gamer and Roasting Comedy Video Creator .

Carrminati is known as Ajay Nagar From Faridabad Haryana . It has been into YouTube since he was just joinen at 10 year old .

Career of Carryminati :-

  • Carry Stared his Career at 10 Year old as video creator on YouTube .
  • He is Firstly making video on Football Tutorial .
  • After some time he is starting Dubing Video and dubing on Counter strike game .
  • He is trying dubbed sunny deol .
  • After many time its starting his roasting career .
  • its are Biggest movement His life.
  • Carry life many time acrosing with many downfall.
  • Like a time his channel Got 3 copyright strike.
  • but this time all fine .
  • this time a lucky time of carryminati hit 20 million subscribe (10M in one month) .
  •  This time his Yalgaar Song got 100M+ views .

Channel name Changing :- 

  1. Addicted A1 to Sunny Deol 
  2. Sunny Deol to carry Deol
  3. Carry Deo to Carry minati 

Carrimati Brother Name :- 

He has one Brother , Yash Nagar is Record Producer/DJ . He is Popular as Willy Frenzy.

Reason of Famous Of Carry :-


I will Say about what is reason of carry is famous . Its based on carry hard work and his smart work . he is try to share ur funny view at any topic with permission to entertainment of Public. Its not Try to send hate on any Person they alaways try to helping all Public user.

Carry is famous about Youtube  video The END about tik tok its removed some community strike.

after some time he launched yalgaar song .

Byee. Guys

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