What is Google translate ?

What is Google translate ?

What is Google translate ?

What is This ?

The Google Translate is defined as that its are the translate the language text to another language.

Google Translate is developed by google in 2006. it is Transalate multiple form of of text and media Such as Word , Phrases and webpages.

Originally Google Translate was Released as a Statistical machine translation service .

Translating the required the required text into english before translating into the selected language was a mandatory step that it had to take . Since SMT uses predictive algorithum  to translate text , it had poor grammatical accuracy . However , Google initially did not hire expert to resolve this limitation due to the ever – evolving nature of language .

It January 2010 , Google has Introduced an Android App and iOS Version in February  2011 to serve as a portable Personal interpreter . Into browser such as chrome and was able to pronounce the text , automatically recognize word in the picture and spoted  unfamiliar text and language . In May 2014 Google Acquired Word lens to improve the Quality of visual and Voice translation . It able to scan text or a picture with one device and Have it Translated instantly . Moreover ,the System automatically identifies forigen language and translate speech without require individual to tap the microphone button whenever speech translation is needed.

In November 2016 , Google transitioned its translating method to a system called neural machine transition.

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