What is Google Pay and how to use Google Pay | TRICKSLOVER |

What is Google Pay and how to use Google Pay | TRICKSLOVER |

Like everything . The Way you pay for enything , from a store , a movie theater or new car . Google pay is completely Secured way for finances and combine the accounts into a secure places .

The best part of this in working on your phone for handle you banking system.

Send  money Via Mobile .

  • Launch Gmail on Your mobile phone .
  • In The bottom Right of the Screen . Tap the Compose Icon .
  • In the Top Right , Tap the attach icon.
  • Choose send money .
  • Enter the amount you want a method of payment.
  • Tap Done.
  • Tap send .

Receive money Via Mobile .

If You want Receive money Via Gmail . You Must First add a debit card to your Google Account to Received The Transferred Funds . whenever some one send You money throw Gmail.

  • Launch Gmail on your mobile phone.
  • Open the message with the attached funds.
  • TAP transfer to bank and add the Recieveng debit card and details .
  • Tap Claim Money.

Many feature of Google pay .

  • Retail Stores.
  • Finetisal institutions
  • In App mobile web purchase.
  • Google pay Bill.
  • Reacharge
  • Cylinder Booking .

Google Pay is Secure and verified app . This app are full safe and not contains any type viruses . this is biggest Accounts Handling app.

The google pay is Also try to launch at Hand watches .

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