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TOP 5 Search Engine are :- 

1. Google: Best Search Engine in the world (Most search Engine) :- 

Google Search Engine is the best search engine in the world It is also the most Popular search engine in the world . It is also one of the most Popular Product from Google . According to some record and reports the 74 percent of search engine market is acquired By Google. They are always try to improve his algorithm to provide best Results .

The Aim Of Google Provide best and Relevant search result to the user.

2.Bing: Best Google alternative 

Guys Do you want know about best alternative of google but not better than Google .

Bing is Microsoft answer to google and its was launched in 2009 . Bing good but not better than Google its was so fast but google is briliant .

Bing is default search engine in Microsoft Browser It are openly promoted by Microsoft .

3. Yahoo:

Guys Both Yahoo are Bing are Not in the competition to Google and they are giving competition to each other .

It is most engine in engine in us . Yahoo is most free mail provider but does not able to convince user in the search engine area. It is most popular search engine supports the search for images , videos , Local , shopping , audio , directory news and more .


Baidu is Chinese web search engine founded on January 1, 2000 , Its is also most used  search in China .

5. AskCom 

We are Previously known to ask . Its search are best question web format it was based on question answer web format .

It was founded 1995. Its a question & answer community .Here You can Get answer Your Question . was Best question answer your Question .

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