3 Things the Google Play store is better than Apple App Store | TRICKSLOVER |

3 Things the Google Play store is better than Apple App Store | TRICKSLOVER  |

Note:- I will Share my honest oppenion about that and I”m not blame any company Its Your Choice you will what You choose .

1. Google Play Store is more developer-Friendly

The Google Play Store runs your search queries through basically all the textual information available on an app’s page. For example, you could search the Play Store using a series of keywords or a phrase and the Play Store would scan even the descriptions of apps to find ones that most closely resemble your query. By comparison, the Apple App Store compares your query against the keywords that developers manually enter into a keyword section, which exists specifically for this purpose. 

2. Google Play has the ‘social factor’

The Google Play Store, certain information is front-and-center. You’ll easily spot the app’s cumulative rating as well as if any of your friends use and recommend the app. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll find commentary that’s been left by your friends and other users. You can filter that commentary so that you’re seeing only those comments by users who use your same device.

3. Android apps are less expensive

The higher price of iOS apps is a statement on how much harder it is for developers to get their apps on the Apple App Store versus the more laid-back Google Play Store. There are hundreds — if not thousands — of others since virtually anyone with the know-how can have their apps available on the Google Play Store. And for this very reason, they’re free to download.

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